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Class War 2.0

The Marxists in general defined class warfare as being between the haves and have-nots. Later, they expanded the idea to divide people in myriad ways — by race, by sex, and so forth. In the process they invented a number of bizarre mental constructs that have no reality in the physical world, such as “white privilege.”

In this country, the endless quest to create ultimate equality has resulted in our various levels of government becoming the largest employer in the country. In fact, government has been our only growth industry. Of course, the quest for equality will never succeed because nothing in nature is equal, so it is like a quest to make gravity work backwards.

Our various government agencies, school systems and so forth have become both a massive affirmative action program and a refuge for those whose skills have no value in the private sector.

No ordinary employer could afford to hire so much useless dead weight. But government is special. It has the power to tax, and to kill you if you don’t pay up. Hence, it doesn’t have to undergo the rigours of having to deliver a good product at a good price.

And because our government can literally kill to get its money, government employment is the most secure available. In fact, in some government employee unions it’s practically impossible to be fired. Salaries, compared to people with similar qualifications in the private sector, are incredibly generous. The average federal government employee is in the top 5% of all earners. Of course, there is excellent health care accompanied with impressive retirement benefits at a time when most people have no retirement plans at all in their jobs.

So here you have a situation where people who are suffering from serious job insecurity, whose wages have remained stagnant for the past ten years, who have no pensions and whose healthcare availability is shaky being told at gunpoint to pay for the hyper-generous salaries, healthcare and retirements of a bunch of people who are essentially useless.

Class War 2.0 has already shown itself in the Walker recall vote, which Walker resoundingly won. The issue was Walker tried to balance the Wisconsin state budget by bringing certain benefits accruing to government employees more into line with the private sector. The government employees fought back by mounting a recall effort.

In other words, government employees wanted to use government as a mechanism for taking YOUR sustenance away, and giving it to themselves. THIS is Class War 2.0: Government Hacks versus the People Who Actually Produce.


June 8, 2012 at 3:22 am 3 comments

Americans: Fat, Dumb and (un)Happy

by John Young

The Federal Transportation Administration, in response to the reality of the expanding girth of Americans, has proposed raising the average passenger weight for calculating the safe loads of buses from 150 lbs per person to 175 lbs per person. This reflects CDC statistics of average weights of 165 lbs for women and 195 lbs for men.

Likewise, the Coast Guard has raised the estimated per-passenger weight for calculating the seaworthiness of vessels to 185 lbs per person; and the Federal Aviation Administration has raised the estimated weight of airline passengers to 195 lbs in winter and 190 lbs in summer.

Now, buses, boats and planes will be rated to carry fewer total passengers; meaning that delays will ensue, costs will climb, and in order to combat the delays, more buses, planes and boats will have to be purchased. More fossil fuels will be required. The individual cost may be low, but the aggregate cost is staggering.

We can look in a mirror and lie to ourselves; but the cold hard reality is that by these sorts of objective measures, Americans on average are likely the most overweight people ever to have existed on the planet in any substantial number. You don’t have to be a nutritional scientist to ascertain that something is terribly, terribly wrong.

Meanwhile, Newsweek gave 1,000 American citizens the standard citizenship we require of immigrants intending to become citizens. 38% flunked. These are not complicated questions, and they are written at a 6th grade level. A passing score is not very high either. Yet, amazingly enough, people who can’t even tell you how long the term is for a Senator get to vote for Senators. The teacher’s unions should be proud!

As if being fat and dumb were not enough; Americans seem to have hit a perfect 1,000 batting average, because according to WebMD the rate of anti-depression prescriptions doubled in nine years between 1996 and 2005. So we’re happy too.

Yet, people go on thinking that we should keep doing things the way we have been; even though objective measures in all realms indicate our society is in serious, serious trouble. Fat, dumb and happy is how you want your sheep that are prepared for slaughter, and most assuredly NOT how you want a supposedly self-governing citizenry.

March 22, 2011 at 2:15 pm 2 comments

A Little Education for Closet Pinkos

by John Young

With apologies to Mr. Dawkins, there are three sorts of homo sapiens on this planet; and these sorts exist within every race and religion.

Every person on the planet — without regard to race, religion or intelligence — can be fit into three categories.

1. Sheeple
These are people who have bought into the matrix of lies that surround us and have become so dependent upon the smoke and mirrors that they will defend those lies to the death.

2. Wolves
These are people who will gladly shear sheeple; and the originators and propagators of the matrix of lies intended to give them a constant supply of the productivity and support of sheeple.

3. Humans

Humans are people who have no desire to either shear or be shorn. They want to exist on the basis of their own merit, and cooperate with others to mutual benefit in a symbiotic rather than parasitic fashion.

Wolves fear and loath Humans, and teach their Sheeple to do the same. This is because Humans are truly the origin of all worthwhile values — the values upon which the Sheeple subsist and the Wolves feed.  Neither Sheeple nor Wolves understand or acknowledge this, because to do so would be to acknowledge their own lack of moral worth.

Most people, though not all, have the capacity to become Humans; but choose to remain either Sheeple or Wolves out of laziness or the desire for unearned plunder.

The power to create is the power to destroy. As the originators of values, Humans have the capacity to destroy the civilization they created simply through withholding their productivity. They also have the power to see the Wolves and Sheep for what they are — and hold a mirror up to their faces.

Humans, who are a minority, have to blend in to avoid being targeted for destruction and assume the visage of either Sheeple or Wolves. But let there be no mistake: without the Humans there would be nothing but barbarism.  There would be nothing to plunder.

And … closet pinkos are nothing but Sheeple or Wolves. They have failed to understand that the only thing that enables their plans to work at all is the army of disguised Humans out there.

And that army of disguised Humans could destroy them overnight simply by laying down and going to sleep and acting like Sheeple in ALL respects — not just in terms of their publicly expressed thoughts.

February 15, 2010 at 9:17 pm 2 comments

Mexican Drug Crisis and Gun Laws

Mexican drug cartels have been funneling dope into this country for decades. Using violent gangs such as MS-13 as street troops, the Mexican Mafia has expanded its reach into over 200 U.S. cities. Some areas in this country are so overrun, and the police are so overwhelmed, that the police have signed “truces” with these gangs and abandoned whole regions to their rule.

The same occured in Mexico going way back. In essence, entire Mexican states are in the hands of Mexican drug cartels and the only “rule of law” that applies is whatever the drug cartels allow.

It is true that the cartels and Mexican Mafia have our police out-gunned with “assault-style” weapons — but this is not the whole story.

The whole story, albeit abbreviated, goes like this:

The United States armed, equipped and trained an anti-drug force in Mexico and provided them with everything from machine guns to military helicopters. The anti-drug force then got a better deal from the drug cartels, and defected wholesale.

The same has occured with Mexican military units. These units are corrupted wholesale, and defect en masse to the cartels; bringing their military weaponry with them. Meanwhile, the cartels control many ports of entry so they can get an unlimited supply of weapons from whatever country they wish. It turns out they have imported as many as 20 million select-fire full-auto-capable AK-47 machine guns from China.

These AK-47s are not the same thing you can buy from your local gun shop in some states. The AK-47s that you can buy over the counter are specifically designed so that they cannot be converted to fire full-auto. They are semi-automatic only, like the popular Remington 7400 hunting rifle; only much less powerful.

The AK-47s being brought into Mexico from China, on the other hand, are fully automatic weapons. They are capable of laying down suppression fire and similar techniques typically used in modern military tactics. Such rifles, if manufactured after 1986 (which these certainly are), are completely illegal for any civilian in the United States to own under any circumstances. Period.

Either way, due to defections from U.S.-equipped forces, defections from their own police and military forces, and unlimited access to military weaponry from China … the drug cartels are better equipped and better trained than Mexican law enforcement, and certainly better equipped and trained than civilian law enforcement in the United States. After all, how many police departments can field a helicopter gunship?

Even though police officers are fond of referring to us non-police as “civilians,” the simple fact of the matter is that they are civilians as well. Despite their militarization, they are neither trained nor equipped to go head-to-head against a military force.

That’s not their fault, because that was never intended to be their purpose. The purpose of civilian law enforcement is to preserve peace within a community, and serve and protect the community at large. And for this purpose, most police are equipped in spades.

When dealing with a military force that is invading our country and killing our citizens, our Congress and President have both the power AND the obligation to deploy a force that is entirely trained and equipped to deal with such threats: The United States Army.

The situation in Mexico has killed thousands upon thousands of Americans in aggregate — far more than Saddam Houssein would ever dream of killing in his wildest imagination.

Clearly the incompetence, corruption and instability of the Mexican government — combined with the side-effect of thousands of dead American citizens — makes Mexico a worthy candidate for “regime change.” Let’s drop the 101st Airborne division — The Screaming Eagles — onto these cartels.

The Mexican cartels are used to corrupting local politicians, machine-gunning innocent people and outgunning police. If faced with a genuine military force the first thing they would do is scream and the second thing they would do is DIE. Problem solved.

The Mexican cartels provide the top-level brains and funding for the expansion of the Mexican Mafia and the various street gangs (such as MS-13) working under its umbrella. Without the cartels, you have a snake with its head cut off. Something that our civilian law enforcment can address.

So the problem we are seeing with violence from the Mexican cartels is entirely solvable if we apply an appropriate solution to the problem. That is, you fight a military force WITH a military force.

Instead, Hillary Clinton proposes that we fight the problem by restricting Americans’ right of self defense.

Huh? Come again?

Never forget that our government no longer represents us. In fact, it fears and hates us. It fears us more than it fears an armed military force that is, quite literally BEHEADING our citizens! Our government sees us as an impediment rather than an asset.

A logical response to the knowledge that our citizens are being killed in cross-border incursions would be to deploy our military. A second response might be to arm our citizens who are proximate to the border.

But such responses assume a government that actually serves our citizens — which is something we haven’t had since our first dictator — Abraham Lincoln — decided to squash the South in their peaceful bid for independence.

Instead we have a government that will capitalize on any excuse or any source of confusion to justify disarming our citizens and thus leaving them even MORE vulberable to assaults.

Recall that there is a major difference between the AK-47s that the Mexican drug cartels are importing from China and the AK-47s that a civilian can buy in America. Although the carbines appear similar, the tactical differences are night and day.

Hillary Clinton seizes upon the ignorance of the public on this issue to describe the problem as one in which American gun owners, having access to “assault weapons” are somehow funneling them to cartels in Mexico. And so she is calling for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” in America as a solution to the problem.

Of course, it won’t solve the problem. It will simply disarm the people she fears and hates the most: American citizens.

March 27, 2009 at 4:55 pm 1 comment


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