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Global Warming as a Proxy for Peak Oil

by John Young

I don’t envy President Obama. As much as I disagree with so much of his philosophy and so many of his initiatives, I can only imagine that his first weeks inhabiting the Oval Office have been sobering in the extreme. We have a quagmire in Southwest Asia from which a graceful exit is all but precluded by the special interests that helped him get elected, so he’s stymied there. We have an economic meltdown on our hands where his advisors give only bad solutions and his hands are tied from implementing workable ones by a powerful finance sector.

In essence, President Obama is caught by the classic “Hammer and Anvil” tactic.

In military terms, the Hammer and Anvil involves catching an enemy force either between two strong units, or between a strong unit and an impassable barrier. In practice, either the Hammer or Anvil is usually concealed from the enemy so the enemy is unaware of his predicament so it cannot be evaded. Peak Oil and structural limits to debt and taxation are the Anvil and entrenched special interests are the Hammer; with President Obama caught in between.

The Hammer of special interests surrounds President Obama, assuring that he does nothing contrary to their best interests — the American people be damned. Whether we are talking about Rahm Emmanuel, Robert Reich, Tim Geithner or Christina Romer, the President is surrounded by people who put him in a box from which escape is impossible, forcing his back against the concealed Anvil of looming energy shortages, impossible entitlement obligations and spiraling national debt.

President Obama is caught in the middle of the road with the Hammer on one side, the Anvil on the other side, and an 18-wheeler coming around the bend.

So, my considerable disagreements with the President notwithstanding, I can’t help feeling some sympathy for his position.

But not TOO much sympathy. After all, he wasn’t drafted. He went out of his way to make all sorts of unholy alliances with myriad special interests in order to secure his current position; and he is plenty smart enough to know that such alliances come at considerable cost in terms of freedom of action. So he willingly agreed to walk right in between the Hammer and Anvil.

Lately, President Obama — in concert with other world leaders — seems to have found a way out of the Peak Oil dilemma. The Peak Oil dilemma, simply stated, is that it is real, unavoidable, and will profoundly affect life on this planet. Meanwhile, our politicians are completely silent about the issue even though we are right on top of it. When it comes — if it hasn’t already — there are going to be serious challenges to civilization itself and certainly the legitimacy of the current political order. The dilemma is how to maintain legitimacy (and rulership) in the face of what could be catastrophic upheavals.

When I speak of legitimacy and rulership, I’m not really speaking about politicians. Politicians, even the President, are just proxies for the special interests that pay for their campaigns. What I am speaking of, instead, is those very special interests who tend to rule from behind the scenes. They are extremely worried about maintaining their grip and control through the Long Emergency described by Kunstler.

For some time I have struggled with understanding why the globalist cabal has been pushing the Global Warming scare so hard. I already suspected it was largely false or manufactured, and the near unanimous acceptance of the phenomenon by political leaders and media outlets made it clear that, like the lies about race, the promotion of Global Warming served the interests of the global cabal in some form or fashion. But I couldn’t figure out why. Thankfully, President Obama tipped his hand.

It turns out the President Obama has plans to reduce the United States’ “carbon footprint” by a whopping 80% by 2050.

Most people don’t really have any conception of what that means, so let me give you a comparison.

Pretend you got rid of your car, and took only public transportation wherever you went, doubled the insulation of your home, switched to compact fluorescent lighting, and turned down your thermostat to 58 degrees. Pretend that, in addition, you used all Energy Star rated appliances and you recycled anything that came into your life that could be recycled. Do you know how much you’d reduce your carbon footprint? By only 20%. That’s all. A mere 20%.

A logical question might be “where is the other 80% of my energy consumption?” It is in the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and in providing everything that goes into the house where you live.

Think about it this way. Pretend you make $1,000/month (after taxes) and you currently spend $400 on debt service, leaving you $600 from which you buy food, transportation, electricity, home heating, clothes, entertainment and whatnot. Is there a single thing that you will buy with your $600 that does NOT use energy in its production and in bringing it to you? No.

So this should start to answer that question about what is involved in cutting the country’s carbon footprint by 80%. Less food. Less clothing. Less electricity. Less entertainment. In fact, less of EVERYTHING. And not just a little bit less, but enough less that suburbs essentially disappear, people are living in cubicles, food is crap and practically every scrap of clothing is recycled. The good news is that our obesity problems will be solved.

That picture looks awfully bleak. But imagine, for a moment, the difference between Americans moving to such conditions gradually, in a controlled manner, in the interests of “saving the world from global warming” as opposed to dropping into them suddenly, without warning or control, and with a globalist cabal eating filet mignon in front of us laughing in our faces. Which approach is more likely to keep control of the globe within existing hands?

So now you know the true secret of Global Warming. Global Warming is one attempt by our ruling cabal to manage the resource scarcity that we will be seeing with Peak Oil in such a way as to preserve their own undeserved positions of dominance while consolidating their control. I say “one attempt” because they are undoubtedly working on other angles as well, such as reduction of population in areas where energy consumption is greatest per-capita. This might take place through wars or any number of means.

But the whole point is to have their cake and eat it too.

And they’ll have that IF we do not head them off at the pass, and we CAN head them off at the pass.

We are entering a time when the corrupt and unworthy globalist cabal that is running things is going to be as vulnerable as they have ever been and throwing off their yoke will be easier than at any point in the recent past or than it will be twenty years from now.

Secessionist and sovereignty movements are gaining ground and building a head of steam. The global cabal maintains control through leverage and consolidation, and any form of break-up threatens their ability to maintain control. As long as the Federal government is pre-eminent, they only need to corrupt maybe 1,000 people to rule the whole country. But how many would they have to corrupt in order to deal with 26 different sovereign states within this land mass?

Resource scarcity almost always creates resource competition, and in multiethnic regions, it leads to ethnic conflict. This means that separatist organizations ranging from the New Black Panthers to the Lakota Sioux will have a realistic bid to create autonomous break-away entities, as well as people like US.

Let me put it to you this way: you can be an ant on the global ant farm, or you can take control of your own destiny for yourself and future generations. The choice is yours.


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