Seeds, Hope and the Benevolent Universe Premise

March 15, 2010 at 2:08 am 12 comments

by John Young

Today I planted seeds. There is still a foot of snow on the ground, torrential rains have flooded out roads and we got an inch of sleet last night. Still, today, I planted seeds. I planted them indoors in little containers and put them under close fluorescent lights.


Because I know that even though the weather today is taciturn; in six weeks it will be smiling on the transplants as I place them in the tilled earth. Planting the seeds now, means I will have the transplants later. And I know that given proper care, those transplants will bring me vital sustenance.

Is it hope that leads me to plant those seeds today? No, it is not. Hope is not required. All that is required is the ability to visualize a value that I wish manifested in the future; and take rational action today that, based upon knowledge of nature, is most likely to lead to that value.

This is the core of the idea of a Benevolent Universe. The Benevolent Universe Premise is NOT the belief in a universe that is benevolent in and of itself. Rather, it is a belief in a universe in which the laws of cause and effect apply; such that an effect can be manifested through creation of its cause. In other words, a benevolent universe is one in which knowledge, reason and foreseeing outcomes is rewarded whereas ignorance, whims and lack of foresight are punished.

So today I planted seeds, not because of hope; but as an application of reason and knowledge in pursuit of values.

There is a lesson here.

2010 will be the last year in which the majority of Americans born are of our genotype. It is a preliminary tipping point that our current President aims to cement through offering illegal immigrants amnesty and even the right to vote. Such a move, if successful, will irrevocably create an environment in which our economic system will be socialist and it will not be reversible any longer through democracy.

This situation is rather dire, because it is a harbinger of the effectual removal of an entire race of people from the planet. No matter where you stand in the political continuum; the removal of an entire race from the planet, no matter the means, is genocide. And when it is an actual planned result of public policy; it is evil.

But how are we to counteract this evil? Hope? No. Through the application of knowledge, reason and foresight.


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  • 2. Truth  |  November 13, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    What is your opinion about ALL whites within 3000 miles of the NW moving there now en mass all at once under the concept of safety in numbers for preservation purposes, FORE or AGAINST ? Why?

    John responds:

    In general, I favor secessionism. However, I do not think this will work right now. The reason why is because people do not migrate from areas where they are economically satisfied to areas where they will be relatively impoverished.

    For example, over 10 years ago the Free State Project secured pledges of thousands of people agreeing to move to NH in order to create a “free state.” Well, to date, in ten years, out of the million+ self-identifying libertarians, only about a thousand have made the move. The reason? Purely and simply: no jobs.

    Secessionism is a great idea but people are very much motivated by immediate self interest. Such a plan will not work until our economy degenerates far enough that people have nothing to lose by participating.

    • 3. Truth  |  November 14, 2012 at 3:58 am

      I also have a suggestion about a EU. AMER. DATING SITE , I wouldn’t make one, simply post on here in a dating section to people interested in meeting E A,s to post on craigs list under wfm or mfw STARTING with the letters E A then their message , we will at least know they know this website and it’s free too. Plus alot of other people get other things on there why not get people there too as well.


      John Responds:

      It’s not a bad idea, but our problems are too big for yet another dating method to solve. You might enjoy my book on our birthrate problem, A Springless Autumn

  • 4. Truth  |  November 29, 2012 at 1:29 am

    In response to migration, I am forced to agree with you ,people are not going to move yet because of money interests. So all the rich controllers have to do is keep businesses depressed in the NW and whites will never move and organize for preservation and the young ones will only mate with minorities, because of less whites in their present area thus insuring our pure white extinction. Hey, wait a miniute isn’t that genocide? whats the UN doing about this. I think we are doomed.

  • 5. FutureVision  |  November 29, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    I belong to the W.P.P.O. ,(White Phenotype Preservation Org.) its a Y group & has a simple / specific & easy to understand message to follow for whites that have come to the conclusion that their white race & culture will be extinct in a decade or less and want to stop that. If you go to the group and read the discription about the group ,it is specific as to what it reperesents , no political or religious thoughts are required to join.What I like about it is it keeps the message simple for 99% of whites that have just came to the realization they need to change their life for the better,also for their future white race. It is a basic group that promotes 4 things , 1. Whites reproduce more whites with whites (over 2 kids per couple) 2.All Whites move to NW . 3.Whites vote for White controllers in NW exclusive white area. 4. Wear pin and make and fly flags to promote W.P.P.O. . Unlike other groups we don’t promote violence for achieving political goals ,but their are all kinds of people that would “CLAIM” to be us and say and do things to bring neg. attn. to our group that are not part of our group at all with other agendas. I think you group needs to streamline & condence your message, Its way to complicated for 99% of whites to follow.

    • 6. yjohn  |  December 1, 2012 at 3:29 am

      I agree that our overall message is complex because it covers practically every issue is considerable depth and likewise takes a cross disciplinary approach.

      The way we remedy that, however, is by concentrating on very narrow issues. For example, defunding media by encouraging people to keep their kids away from TV to prevent brain damage to toddlers. Anyone can wrap their mind around that. Or calling Congress to demand your Senator say no to amnesty.

      So we break up our total message into small things that are actionable in the real world by anyone.

      In practice, though, most of our people will remain unaware at best and actively hostile at worst until they are faced dead in the face with fear, inescapable poverty and ruin, etc. That is because 99% of all human decisions are not based on reason and logic — they are based on emotion and immediate (e.g. 7 day time horizon) self interest or gratification of whims.

  • 7. FutureVision  |  December 1, 2012 at 1:35 am

    I would like to point out a theory,It is a bit obscure, and not connected to politics. On 2012 dec. 21 at 630am EST there will be a once in a 3+ If thousand year event of allinement of the center of the milkyway, the sun & the earth. This allinement will be closer than ever than in the past thousands of years in your lifetime and before, I personally think this will be a NON event . But, there is a minor % of hazard to us based on physics and probabilities,IF, you think the sun will act as a gravitational lense and focus the unimanginable power at the center of the milkyway, at the earth (like a magnifiying glass) on the 21st at 6;30am EST I would suggest being in a cave or underground at least 2 hours before and after that time. Watch CNN to see if europe is effected at 1-3am our time that should give you time to decide what your going to do.

    • 8. yjohn  |  December 1, 2012 at 3:23 am

      I suspect it will be a non-event as well. I am a chemist and electrical engineer so I have a good background in science generally, but no specific knowledge of the concepts of a gravitational lens. It wasn’t in the two years of physics I took, but the first year was basic Newtonian stuff (e.g. hurl a projectile and predict where it will land based on gravity, velocity, friction, etc.) and the second was primarily dedicated to stuff like magnetic fields (right hand rule, etc.). So no coverage of really advanced physics like gravitational lenses, and as a result I don’t have enough of a knowledge base to render a definitive opinion.

      But I can offer something general. In general, the force exerted by a field decreases with the square of the distance in meters. This applies to gravity, magnetism, etc. There is a huge black hole in the center of our galaxy which, of course, has a very strong gravitational field. However, it is very very far away. It’s not so far away that its impact is negligible because if it were negligible, the milky way galaxy of which we are a part would not exist.

      Any lens can only concentrate the amount of a field that crosses its area. The area of gravitational effect of our sun is pretty large — at least the size of our solar system, though it is obviously much weaker out near pluto than it is near mercury. But what I do not know is how much of that field would be strong enough to create refraction.

      The other issue is focal length. Use a magnifying glass as an example. You’ll notice that the focal length determines where the tiny white-hot spot is, and if the distance of the glass is varied, the effect is lessened the further away from that focal length you are in either direction. In general, the larger the lens diameter, the further the focal length. Usually the focal length is at least the same as the diameter of the magnifying glass, and depending on the shape it could be even greater — as much as 4-5x the diameter.

      If we take the diameter of the gravitational lens to be the size of our solar system, the focal length would put the sweet spot WAY out past earth — so far past earth that the effect for us would not be noticeable.

      Of course, I haven’t calculated any of this stuff and wouldn’t begin to know how. But I am guessing that the gravitational lens would be large, but weak, and with a very distant focal length so we should be okay.

  • 9. FutureVision  |  December 1, 2012 at 4:40 am

    It is true what you state, But, consider ,You are refering to natural laws of the universe that we can measure. IN the center of our milkyway we are assuming there is a black hole type thing, that is compressing suns / matter destroying natual laws, This is where uncertianty comes out. DO WE REALLY KNOW WHAT KIND OF PARTICALS (faster than light) or waves or (whatever)are being emitted from that thing?YET UNDISCOVERED, and Will the sun focus those things at a given distance in the earths orbit? And if the particals are faster than light will they interact with the earth before the earths transit period? IT is now more, important in your life(Once in a lifetime event) to watch news reports of any anomolious things on the planet, as soon as you detemine the begining point of the aberations of gravitational molecular shifting and time dialations you can determine how long the event will go on by adding the amount of time to midpoint transit and adding the same amount of time on the back side of the transit

  • 10. FutureVision  |  December 1, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    One more true fact to consider to the above theory. There is an ancient calendar(Myian) that ends on the 21.Ask yourself,Why would a civilisation make a calendar with an end date and time? Why not just have it go on past that date /time.My theory is “The Myian Calendar” was NOT really invented by the myians at all , It was created by a race of advanced ancient peoples after the last major earth upheaval around 3100 years ago ,and was not ment to be a calendar with religious meanings attched to it at all. It was created in stone to last 3100 years and act as a TIMER, a countdown timer,NOT, a calendar.There was most likely a warning attached to it but was lost over time and replaced by primitive religious meanings over top of the warnings about the next upheaval now, but, the natives-myians used the timer as a crop planting & havesting ect. calendar because of its advanced precision. But that is not its true purpose. It is a warning from the past about the returning cycle of astronomical caused events that happened in the past and there return on the 21st within the comming weeks,.There is not much time left to prepare for the NON event, take a close look at where gov . officals are on the 20 , that will tell you what the gov. thinks about the 21st . Of course, the above is just speculation, and mildly entertaining ,BUT, what if it is all true?

  • 11. FutureVision  |  December 16, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Additional, sorry about the miss spelling of myian but to me in my theory they really didn’t discover or calculate the origional mathematics their calendar is based on . They simply were gifted or given the information from a more intellectually advanced group before their civil. started and they made their calendar from that info.. There were alot of different native races all over the world given the same data back then but the myians are the ones that kept the data more or less intact the longest for our current civil. to find over the other civil.’s that existed back then, so,in conclusion, the “myians “and their “NATIVE” interpetations of the origional mathematical ploting of celestial allinenments over 1000’s of years becomes meaningless. What does have meanning is, it appears, this ,(For lack of a better word) TIMMER, ends in 5 days from now . It cracks me up how the media and world governments spin and omit and invent data about the ending of the 3100-5200 year timmer and plaster it all over on tv to “muddy the waters” . It ALMOST, makes me think there is a coverup , and “they know “there might be a genuine threat from this event. In re-evaluating the MANY different theories of “event ” threats , I found 2 that seem most plausable, 1. Earthquakes, caused by undetectable gravity changing particals / things? being emmitted from the center of the milkyway and focused by the suns gravity inline with the earths orbital path. And 2.The SUNS transit from the upper part of the milkyway through the galactic plane or disk to the lower part , thus resulting in a quick pole shift and earthquakes as well. I don’t think solar radiation or extreme heat would be a problem, so being underground might not be the way to go in prepping.

  • 12. FutureVision  |  December 23, 2012 at 12:49 am

    Well , threat 1. is over and no problems. Threat 2. is more of a long term possibility It might take up to 100 years or more for the poles to swap places or other galactic effects from the suns galactic disk transit to occur over time. It is not over.


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