Recreational Drug Use

June 19, 2009 at 12:32 pm 4 comments

by John Young

I recently received a communication asking what I think of recreational drug use. The short answer is that I believe recreational drug use is self-destructive and incompatible with the mandate in our Statement of Ethics that we each and all make the most of ourselves in every way that we can.

Most people engaged in the use of drugs lie to themselves about the effects, and ignore contradictory inputs. After all, if they admitted to themselves the full reality of the situation, there would be no rational alternative but to cease the activity.

I have seen a great deal of potential destroyed by drug use.

About ten years ago, when I was single, I met a girl for coffee at an upscale coffee house. She described how she had just gotten out of a mental hospital as a result of disorders triggered by illegal drugs, and would probably never be right again. She described how, when she had graduated college with a degree in molecular biology, she had high hopes for solving all manner of problems afflicting humanity, but that now she had her hands full because she had to concentrate just to “keep the table under her food solid.” While I certainly had compassion for her, I didn’t ask her out on a second date.

When I was a kid, an older kid who lived next door went to jail for manslaughter. He and his buds had been smoking dope in the midst of transporting some dope for a party. They came upon a bridge and because of the impairment, hit the bridge railings — which led to one of the passengers having his head sheared off of his body.

And I know a man today who has always had enormous potential as a singer, composer and musician. Yet, he has never gone anywhere because his spare cash has gone into dope and the errors in judgment he has made while under the influence of dope — including shoving his pistol into an unsuspecting woman’s nose and threatening to kill her — have landed him in jail for
years at a stretch. He can’t even obtain a decent regular job, much less fulfill his dreams. And as his recreational drug use has progressed, what potential he had to start with has been diminished day by day through destroying his powers of memory, creativity and concentration.

If you are using drugs for recreation and you believe it is not adversely affecting your potential, you are lying to yourself.
Recreational drug use is simply incompatible with being the best you can be, and is thus incompatible with the EAU Statement of Ethics.

But there is another dimension — the law enforcement angle.

I’ll be the first to tell you that the so-called “War on Drugs” is a sham. The illegality makes drugs expensive and profitable — generating billions upon billions of dollars in black-market profits that are used to fund everything from sex slavery to bribing police. It’s a disaster. And the drug war has served to increase the power of the state enormously; especially with regard to the use of informants, entrapment, and civil asset seizure. It has also provided an impetus leading to the militarization of civilian law enforcement that bodes ill for our future freedom.

So I have real issues with the so-called “War on Drugs.”

At the same time, because these drugs ARE illegal, anyone who uses them is putting his or her money into a ruthless and murderous underground economy whose actions almost universally run contrary to the best interests of our Folk.

Most dope originates outside of the U.S., in places like Mexico and Central/South America. When folks here buy it, the money ultimately goes to fatten the coffers of ruthless criminal gangs who have all but out-gunned the civil and military law enforcement authorities of their respective areas of operations. This destabilizes the region leading to economic displacement and the inability to establish the sort of civil order needed to have a functional society. As a result, millions upon millions of refugees are created.

And where do they go? Why … HERE, of course. Illegal drug use is one of the factors that ultimately fuels both legal and illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, the economy and infrastructure created by this trade creates serious power disparities on our side of the border as well. There are entire sections of California, for example, that have been surrendered to the drug gangs in actual written agreements because it is no longer possible to deal with the problem using civilian law enforcement. Those areas will only grow.

This is just the beginning. The entire organizational culture dealing with drugs for recreational use is brutal and inhumane in the extreme; and includes utter insensitivity to human beings to the extent that summary execution, torture, and sexual slavery are common. And the more drugs we use — the bigger this gets.

I’m sure it never crosses whatever passes for a mind in a recreational drug user; but every penny he spends on his “recreation” ultimately goes to support murder, extortion, bribery, rape and more on a grand scale. Contributing to this — voluntarily — is unconscionable.

In an ideal dope-user’s world, maybe things would be different. But we don’t live in that ideal world. Instead, we live in a world in which our decisions make a difference in other people’s lives; and in which buying some marijuana today contributes to a little girl getting raped tomorrow.

Think about it.


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  • 1. Dr.D  |  June 21, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    Over the course of many years, I have gone from being strongly in favor of criminal prosecution of drugs and drug sellers to the point today where I am in favor of total decriminalization of the whole affair. If we can take the money out of it, we will solve many, but certainly not all, of the problems, particularly the international problems. Then we can address the remaining problems. The price for what we are currently trying and failing is simply too high, particularly since it can only fail.

    There was a time when morphine, cocaine, and heroine were used in patent medicines, along with copious amounts of alcohol, and in some cases mercury. This is not to say that these were good things, but they conferred some sort of, often short term, benefit. If I recall correctly, Sherlock Holmes was said to have been a cocaine user, and that was simply thought to be an eccentricity.

    Ultimately we must teach people to value themselves a created in the image of God. Until we are able to do that, there will always be some who will say, “it is my body to throw away if I want to do so.” For the self destructive, we should not make it too easy but we should not make it too difficult either, much as is done with alcohol and tobacco.

    John Young responds:

    I generally agree that the law enforcement approach to drug use is a failure; and that drug use is more wisely approached as a social rather than criminal problem.

  • 2. Grafted Devil  |  March 17, 2010 at 11:44 am

    I smoke pot. Everyday. As a matter of fact, Im about to light up a bowl and its only 745 in the morning.

    We are in a free country, and we should have a right to make a coherent decision on what we put into our bodies.

    NO CARE for people like me that chose to kill themselves slowly through stupid decisions to get high.

    But this is America… of the free, supposedly.

    Like I tell everyone. If you dont agree with doing drugs, dont. If you dont agree with drinking, dont, but QUIT telling me what to do…as I dont put my opinion in your activities.

    • 3. yjohn  |  October 11, 2010 at 4:01 am

      Hi Grafted Devil,

      I want to draw a distinction here that I believe is important.

      The fact that I believe something is manifestly harmful or incompatible with a person achieving to his highest potentials doesn’t mean I want it to be illegal. The sad fact is that our government has used to excuse of a phony “war on drugs” to massively increase its capacity for repression and to ruin countless lives. So I do not favor having government goons putting a gun in your face and telling you not to smoke pot or whatever.

      But there is a catch. I ALSO do not believe that government goons should put a gun in MY face in order to make me pay for the results of your freedom to make unwise choices. If it is YOUR freedom, then the end results should be YOUR responsibility. The moment you make the end results my responsibility, I then have a say as to your choices.

      • 4. damdems  |  November 25, 2012 at 7:21 pm

        Here is the crux of the problem…. Government!!!

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