The Taxman Cometh

April 25, 2009 at 1:52 am 1 comment

by John Young

April 15th has come and gone. Every year, I spend money on proper tax software and file a tax return somewhere between twenty-five and thirty pages long. It’s usually a pretty depressing exercise because I get to add up just how much of my hard-earned money goes to a government that hates me.

Fundamentally, I don’t have an issue with paying taxes in order to keep my borders safe and keep criminals in check. Certainly, I dislike a number of details of the income tax that I’ll be discussing in a moment; but I believe that as a citizen I’m obligated to pay for the men and women who stand ready to do violence on my behalf so I can sleep safely in my bed at night.

The trouble is, I’m obviously paying a lot more than should reasonably be required; and I’m furthermore paying it through a set of tax regulations that is so ridiculously complex that I sometimes experience doubt as to their meaning.

And that doubt can be quite fatal because our IRS has the charitable impulses of Genghis Kahn combined with the sense of humor of an atomic bomb and the sensitivity of Torquemada. So whenever in doubt, I make the decision that yields the highest tax payment. If you call the IRS for help, you usually get someone who is barely literate and whose advice, if you follow it, cannot be used in their own special court system to establish that you were acting in good faith.

A few years back, Money Magazine had 50 CPAs independently do the taxes for a hypothetical family of four. Although all 50 CPAs had the same data, they came back with 49 different answers as to the total tax due. Only one of these trained professionals who had years of training plus objective testing under their belt achieved what the IRS considered to be the “correct” answer.

If 49 out of 50 trained professionals can’t get the right answer — what are the odds that an ordinary person will? For all practical purposes, the odds of getting it right are pretty close to zero; no matter how hard you try. That’s why I use professional software and buy audit defense every year. Sometimes, if something out of the ordinary has occurred, I pay a professional. Even at that, odds are that there are probably a few errors in the software or the professional is one of the 49 out of 50 who will mess up, though I have no way of knowing whether those errors affect my particular circumstances or not.

And this is my single largest indictment of the income tax: it turns every taxpayer into a “not yet charged” criminal. Every taxpayer in the United States, at some point, has a fear in the back of his mind regarding the income tax; because pretty much every taxpayer has no choice but to get something wrong on his income tax forms. The IRS has its own courts for trying cases, and on top of that all of the wages of the entire judicial branch of government depend on the income tax so the conflict of interest is quite intense, and always stacked against the taxpayer unless he has special pull or connections. (A certain Secretary of the Treasury comes to mind.) So at any moment in time, any taxpayer’s name can be pulled out of a hat as the subject of an audit or other extraordinary treatment.

And this “extraordinary treatment” to which I refer is my second indictment of the income tax. The IRS is one of the most casually evil branches of our government in that it is staffed with people who have almost unlimited power to make a taxpayer’s life miserable. While not all IRS employees take delight in the torture they are permitted to inflict; far too many gain a thrill from the absolute corruption they embrace as a result of their absolute power. The IRS has the power to do things that no other branch of government is allowed to do. They can seize your paycheck and your bank accounts with minimal notice and without a warrant or even due process in a court of law. If you owe them $3,000 and can’t pay it immediately, within just a few months they will add penalties and interest that turn the original debt into $15,000 or more. If your house gets foreclosed or your business is destroyed and (like too many) you commit suicide just to escape them — they can seize the proceeds of your life insurance and leave your widow penniless. And, in fact, they routinely do ALL of these things, and more. Their harassment extends even beyond the grave. Even worse, if an IRS agent with a conscience decides to blow the whistle on this outrageous activity, his career will be destroyed. In essence, for owing a few hundred dollars in taxes a taxpayer can receive treatment at the hands of the IRS that would make even a death row inmate blanch.

These two factors, in and of themselves, would be sufficient cause to repeal the income tax and abolish the IRS in its entirety even if the amount of taxes we owed was only $1/year. But, of course, we owe much more.

When I say “we” I am making a big assumption. I’m assuming that you, the reader, pay taxes too. Not too long ago, that was a fairly safe assumption; but today it is pretty much an even bet. By the time the latest Obama outrage has passed through Congress and taken effect, fully 50% of wage earners will effectively owe NO income tax whatsoever, leaving the remaining 50% of us to shoulder the burden not just for ourselves, but for the non-taxpaying wage earners along with the usual free-riders in government hack jobs, non-governmental agencies and the welfare industry. In essence, this means that over 50% of the adults in this country will have no direct stake in the cost of government since someone else will be paying the freight. I’m betting that if you are reading this, odds are that you’ll be joining me in paying the freight for everyone else.

And what amazing freight it is! Adding up my property tax, state income tax, federal income tax, FICA and Medicare alone — the lovely government has taken roughly 40% of my income. When you add the gas and sales taxes (I drive a lot), it comes to 43% of my income. And that’s not counting all of the hidden taxes. Amazing, though, isn’t it, that I have to pay so much of my income?

If the numb-skulls in Washington want the most impressive stimulus package ever seen; all they have to do is shut themselves down and leave my paycheck alone. Because by doing that, they would nearly double my disposable income overnight – and not just mine; but the income of millions of Americans as well. But, I digress.

What am I getting in exchange for all of this money? Well, let’s see.

1. I am getting borders that are so completely unsecured that as many as 5,000 illegal aliens a day pass over the border into Arizona alone. I also get, as head of homeland security, the woman who oversaw the security disaster in Arizona: Janet Napolitano. Now, it seems, due to our lax border security with Mexico, my fellow Americans may experience death from swine flue.

2. While I have to scrimp and save in order to afford payments for dental bills; I get the pleasure of providing unlimited free medical care to our own native crop of welfare layabouts (and this includes most of the bureaucrats in Washington) but also for illegal aliens and every dusky featherless biped who happens to have the good fortune of not speaking English.

3. After paying $650/year in gas taxes, $190/year in vehicle registrations and $800/year in tolls for my tiny 40mpg car; I get the privilege of driving on roads that are so poorly maintained that I have to ALSO pay for a new four-wheel alignment twice a year.

4. I get to pay for “Fusion Centers” and the Department of Homeland Security to label me a “likely terrorist” because I have an honorable DD-214.

5. I get to pay for multi billionaires to jet all over the world on my dime because their global Ponzi schemes are “too big to fail.”

6. And more, and more, and more — virtually NONE of it pertaining to the actual functions government is empowered to provide under Article I Section 8 of the Constitution, and virtually all of it misdirected to assist a globalist oligarchy or harm America’s founding peoples.

Don’t get me wrong — I have disagreements with “our” government all year long. But right around tax time, when I see how much they are shaking me down, those disagreements take on a special tinge of disgust.

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  • 1. FutureVision  |  January 1, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    The systems of control all over the world are based on acuiring currency from its followers to operate. The control systems controllers regulate how much currency they can extract / acuire from the followers to the maximum point where followers are disgruntaled , but will still follow. There is a tipping point( When the middle class shrinks to a certian %) at which the control systems no longer function because of wages between rich and poor are too far apart. Other variables are population densities,ages and numbers entering the job market. Are we close to a nonfunctioning control system? Have we already 35+years ago reached the nonfunctioning control system? and are the control system controllers just printing more paper and putting it into the system to keep the preception that things are ok? Truthfully we don’t really know. It reminds me of the lead zep. song ,When the levy breaks, some of the learics come to mind.”Crying won’t help ya””Pryin’ wount do ya no good”.


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