Mother Earth News Finds an Economic Clue

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I subscribe to many periodicals. Some, which I commend highly to your attention, are directly relevant to the business of European Americans United, and include The Occidental Quarterly and Mankind Quarterly. Others pertain mainly to my technical and scientific interests, such as Power Electronics, Electrical Engineering Times, Journal of Organic Chemistry, Scientific American Mind and so forth. But along with this sort of “heavy reading” I subscribe to a couple of magazines pertaining to my hobbies and self-sufficiency; including Backwoods Home magazine (which I highly recommend) and Mother Earth News.

Mother Earth News (MEN) is almost universally identified with the left. When I first subscribed, I suddenly found myself on the potential donors list of every left wing kook politician in existence and started receiving solicitations from far left-wing organizations. The association of MEN with the left is a bit perplexing to start with; and demonstrates just how useless such labels can sometimes be.

Within the pages of the most recent edition of MEN are instructions for homemade bread, detailed information on raising potatoes, raising chickens and building a built-in bed. Past issues have carried articles on how to construct a mortgage-free home. When I think of the left, I think about welfare statism, and the sort of overbearing government regulations that would make raising chickens in your own back yard impossible. I think of folks sitting on the welfare dole and getting fat without ever lifting a finger to help themselves.

Nevertheless, MEN buys into the multi-culti fluff-bunny love for all things which would displace European-Americans in America. That seems pretty stupid to me as a casual look at their advertisers indicates that their buying demographic is overwhelmingly European-American, so without us they (and their advertisers) would go out of business.

Either way, in their opening editorial — “Three Mountains we Must Climb” — they list environmental conservation (with particular note to global warming), population control and economic reform.

Being a critical thinker with a lot of science under my belt, I have to admit that I’m not convinced that global warming — to the extent it may be occurring at all — is substantially affected by human activities. There are much larger and more profound cycles that play out over a geological time-frame (such as ice ages), the causes of which are not known with certainty even by experts. If one doesn’t understand the causes behind the most profound climatological shifts in the world’s history; then such causation cannot be accounted for in calculations purporting to attribute global warming to human activity. So right now, I don’t buy the whole global warming scare.

But forgetting global warming, environmental preservation in and of itself is incredibly important. No matter what, our life ultimately springs from the land, water and air around us; and gratuitously polluting or abusing these diminishes our quality of life and increases diseases and misery. We are a part of nature — and don’t stand apart from it. As a result, no matter how much we may insulate ourselves, nature affects us. So conservation doesn’t need global warming as a justification: it just needs self-interest and a caring about future generations.

One key to conservation is population control. The MEN editorial points out that a simple voluntary mindset of “2 children per couple” would be sufficient to achieve that goal. Well, they miss an awful lot. For one thing, their primary audience of European-Americans has been at below-replacement-level reproduction for quite some time. If that’s true, then why is the U.S. population rising? Because of immigration from areas where a voluntary mindset has little or no effect, and reproduction is limited almost completely by availability of resources. And when they overcrowd and destroy their own corners of the planet and deplete their resources — they move into our corner of the planet.

While I’m sure the ultra-politically-correct folks at MEN would never dare to point it out, the simple fact is that the entire Western world would be at or below replacement level population already if one simple thing occurred: a complete shut down of immigration. And the populations in the other regions would become sustainable if the U.S. and Canada in particular stopped exporting the precious fertility of their soil to Third World countries in the form of crops.

You see, throughout the third world, most areas have long-since exceeded their human carrying capacity. They simply cannot produce enough food for their masses. The United States, Canada and (to a lesser extent) the rest of the Western World makes up the difference — largely through charity. In essence, U.S. taxpayers get taxed to pay for the food that gets sent overseas. Then U.S. taxpayers get to pay higher prices for their own food because of the artificially inflated demand. As I said, most of these third world populations don’t understand voluntary mindsets as espoused by MEN. What they DO understand is insufficient resources; so if we stop exporting our food and shut down our borders to immigration, their populations will drop to sustainable levels.

Of course, the status quo — including MEN — won’t entertain such notions. The big agribusiness corporations won’t stand for it, and the fluff-bunnies who bury their heads in the sand and lie to themselves about the unpleasant realities of human existence would rather die than face such realities.

But MEN mentions a third “mountain” in their editorial which leads me to believe that someone over there is actually reading WVWNews and listening to the Western Voices podcasts. To the best of my knowledge, we are the only organization that has pointed out the flaws of a growth-based economy time and time again. Here is what they said:

“That leaves the third and tallest mountain, economic reform. As our economies are now structured, we depend on population growth to support economic growth. Imagine a world in which demand for all the fundamental human necessities — food, shelter, etc. — were shrinking every year. To sustain our population at lower, healthier levels, we’ll have to invent a human economy that can maintain prosperity without growth. To do that, we’ll need brand new economic tools. We need new systems in which no one is placed at an unfair disadvantage. That doesn’t mean turning to socialism, communism or any other obsolete social system. Instead, we need something new that rewards human innovation without requiring human expansion.”

Naturally, their editorial goes on to discuss surmounting “cultural” barriers and other multi-culti propaganda.

Either way, it is clear that our economic ideas are gaining the attention of not just the traditional right — but the traditional left as well. This is not surprising. At their core, many people on both ends of the political spectrum are simply aiming for human good, happiness and prosperity. Our economic ideas are oriented toward achieving those objectives. So I’m glad that some on the traditional left are finally seeing that socialism and communism are as much dead-ends as capitalism. They are starting to look hard at third-way economic ideas — and clearly doing so through reading our websites as we express these ideas in a unique fashion.

The next thing I recommend, though, to our readers at Mother Earth News is that they read The New Racial Consciousness. In this podcast, I explain (with copious citation) why sustainable economic systems — which depend upon both altruism and cooperation — can only be brought into fruition in a condition of ethnic homogeneity.

The desire for ethnic homogeneity has absolutely nothing to do with mindless hatred for “the other,” and everything to do with understanding that many of the best of human characteristics are most operative in conditions of ethnic homogeneity. You can see this, to this very day, in certain remote tribes. You can also see it, to a certain extent, in countries such as Israel and Japan that have a clear and unambiguous ethno-racial basis and core. The bottom line is that multi-culturalism and multi-racialism are completely incompatible with the sorts of cooperation needed to move to sustainable populations, conservation and economics.

So as a pre-condition of solid economics, sustainable populations and environmental conservation we must also synchronize ethnic and national borders. This will ultimately be to the benefit of ALL unique cultures and peoples.
And this is the fourth and highest mountain that MEN left unstated, and dares not mention.

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